Wow, soon it’s Christmas. Haha well not yet but September went by so quickly so it doesn’t feel like it’s long now until we can start putting up Christmas lights *can’t wait*. Are you a Christmasy person?

But enough Christmas! Let’s see what September gave me!


What was extra nice this month?

Julia and I started to be each other’s blog coaches, I went down in hours at Gina Tricot so now I’m only 4 hours /week at Gina and of course the work trip I did with Tella to Stockholm! And that me and Jona booked a trip we’re doing in the end of October.


sandraemilia, finsk ambassaden Stockholm

sandraemilia, finska ambassaden Stockholm


Did something bad happen?

Hm, did something bad happen…? Well the only thing I can come up with is when we came home from Umeå with Wasaline this Saturday, I got so sea sick that I had to sit on the toilet for 1 h and 20 minutes, haha. I did not throw up but it was pretty damn close a couple of times!


What made you happy?

Our newly painted home, haha. I’M SO HAPPY WITH THE COLOR! I’ll show you next week I think!


What made you sad?

I’ve had quite a stressful month actually. So ofcourse that’s not good at all! But now I feel like it’s getting better and I have more time to relax. So that’s good!


Are you extra proud of something you did this month?

Well, that Stockholm trip! And that I got some really good blog collaborations coming up soon!




How have you been working out this month?

Haha ooh, for the first time ever I’m scared of checking that in my calender! 13 workouts I have written down but actually this month I’ve been super bad at writing down my workouts, so I hope I’ve had more than that! But as I said, it’s been a hectic month so even for me who is good at working out even if my schedule is full it’s been hard to get the workouts in! But of course 3 workouts/week is not bad! But my goal is always 4 workouts/week so I have to step it up in October!






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