• This was my September


    What was extra nice this month?

    Since we have this whole Corona situation going on I can’t say a lot has happened. The biggest things that happened are mine and Julias podcast, Ambitionspodden and that me and Jona are going hard on this buying our first apartment!

    What made you sad?

    I wouldn’t say sad but just so tired that the corona has now it’s second period going up. I felt like things were going back to normal and than boom… But what can you do! As I said, I’m not sad over it just a bit annoyed.


    Something new regarding work?

    New collaboration partners but not something bigger no. Our podcast like I meantioned.


    Are you extra proud of something you did this month?

    I reached 10 and then 11 k on instagram. That felt super big for me! 🙂


    Did you learn something new?

    In this process of taking a loan and buying our first apartment, YES. OMG why did we not learn about this in school?! You have to think about so many things!


    Have you been working out?

    Yes, 4 times a week at the gym. Power cleans still being my favorite exercise! I just love the gym at the moment!




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