What was extra nice this month?

    That we paid the down payment to what will hopefully become our apartment! So excited!

    What made you sad?

    I wouldn’t say I’ve been sad but I’ve definitely been having bad days! Just been feeling unmotivated, low, thought about the meaning of life, haha, no but what do I want in life and right now etc. But I don’t think the grey Finnish weather has been helping me out either! And I’m not normally a person who gets too affected by the weather…


    Something new regarding work?

    No, I’m working hard from the new office at Hello Hub, a co-working space, and mostly I’ve been working on building what I already have.


    Are you extra proud of something you did this month?

    I reached 12 k on instagram! 🙂


    Did you learn something new?

    Yes, thanks to our podcast and to being here at Hello Hub I feel like I’ve learned things that help me see my own value. That’s so important and it’s making me a better business woman for sure!


    Have you been working out?

    Yes, about 4 times a week at the gym or at home depending on the corona situation. But I feel like I’ve started loosing a bit of interest in the gym and I would love starting to go to classes again. Body pump it is next workout!






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