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  • This was my February


    What was extra nice this month?

    My birthday of course! 😀

    What made you sad?

    This corona shit! And the chaos in our new apartment! It is going better than I expected BUT as person that needs pretty clean things around her I can feel that this mess unconsciously affects me and makes me bitter. At least I know there will be an end to it but at the moment I’m tired!

    Something new regarding work?

    YES, I’ve held my two Branding & Social media strategy Workshops and I’ve launched my new WEBSHOP! 😀 So excited about that! In my webshop you can find my collections of Vintage and pre-loved finds. Check it out here-> SANDRAEMILIASHOP

    Are you extra proud of something you did this month?

    Yes! My workshops and my webshop!

    Did you learn something new?

    I’ve been reading Think & Grow rich and even though the mindset in this isn’t new to me it’s always good to remind oneself how much what we think affects us! And recently I’ve been feeling so negative and therefore it’s been even more important to remember this! I’ve had so many moments lately that I’ve just had to stop myself and just try to focus on positive things and switching my mind to a positive side!

    Have you been working out?

    Yes, mostly gym workouts, body pump and some bachata/salsa. But it’s been online this month and that sucks!


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