• This was my August 2020

    What was extra nice this month?

    My friend’s wedding and Julias bachelorette party and her harvest party the day before. Wow so much fun and so much tears, haha.

    What made you sad?

    The fact that Summer went by and I don’t feel like it’s been a good Summer… June was SUPER but the bad weather in july/august and corona sadly made me feel like it’s been quite the boring Summer…

    Something new regarding work?

    Well mine and Julia’s new podcast, Ambitionspodden and some new collaborations you will get to see later on of course!

    Are you extra proud of something you did this month?

    Yes! I’ve really taken this corona summer to work hard (especially on my social media) and on improving my health!

    Did you learn something new?

    I’ve been learning more about fermantation and I hope I’ll get the boost to start fermenting myself, hehe.

    Have you been working out?

    Oh yes, haha. The gym has more then ever been my best friend to survive the corona summer! Usually I work out 3-4 times/week but this Summer it’s more like 5 days/week. And as I said the gym has been my best friend. I’ve also been taken a lot of walks outside.




    1. 08/09/2020 / 13:43

      I love your hairstyle! And you have a good sense of style!

      • Sandra Holmäng
        10/09/2020 / 11:25

        Thank you so much Helen! 🙂

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