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Hello guys! This post I’m actually going to write only in English because I feel like it’s going to be super long and it’s about the Salsa Festival Baila Baila = international, so I think it’s easier to just write it in English 🙂

Om du verkligen vill ha det på svenska så snälla lämna en kommentar!

So, this weekend me and Jona together with some of the other guys at Salsa Vaasa attended the Salsa Festival Baila Baila. It started already on Thursday but we drove down to Helsinki early Friday morning. We stayed at Hotel Helka, a really cozy hotel that has actually been a safe place for women to live or stay at in the late 1920’s. The hotel had all the finnish designs you can think of and the focus is on ecological and organic food, things etc. in the hotel rooms. So nice and so 2018!

We arriwed to Helsinki at 10 am and was lucky to get the room right away. At 10.45 we started to walk to Baila Baila and to our first workshop. The Baila Baila place was only a few hundred meters away from our hotel. The first workshop we attended was a Bachata for beginners. It’s was so nice and the teachers overall at this festival were amazing! Most of them were cubans and so freaking funny, haha.

On Friday we joined bachata, salsa and I alone took a reggaeton class. Have you tried reggaeton? Omg I did not now that I love that also, haha.

After the workshops we had dinner and then at 9 the first Salsa Party started at hotel Presidentti (also only a few hundred meters from our hotel). Imagine a big hotel with three separate big rooms (more like banquet halls) which in one room you could dance bachata, in one room salsa and in one room kizomba. And then you can also imagine the amount of people who loves to dance. Heaven in other words, haha.

It was lovely but of course me and Jona are only beginners and after a while we felt like we’ve already been trying everything we can, so we left kind of early knowing we will have two more parties to go to.

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On Saturday we actually went to Salmisaari where they had all the intermediate workshops because it felt like the beginners bachata we’re a little bit to simple for us and we wanted to challenge ourselves.

We first joined a kizomba class, then I joined a Sexy Ladies Styling (OMG imagine Beyonce having the class, it was aamaazing and I enjoyed that class so much!). After lunch we tried salsaton, a combination between salsa and reggaton. Also so funny and that both me and Jona joined so we had a really nice time. We ended with a bachata workshop but the class was full so after a while we couldn’t stand the crowd anymore and left. It was probably a really good class but when you barely don’t see anything it’s not that nice.

After the classes me and Jona only bought some food to take with us to the hotel room (suchi) and just relaxed and watched some tv-series. After hours of dancing you get kind of tired, haha.

But saturday evening we had the second Salsa Party. And it was so nice to feel that we actally was a little bit better at dancing.

Sunday we joined Salsa workshop, I joined Sexy Reggaeton (omg I loved it!) and we both joined two workshops of bachata.

In the evening we had the last salsa party and it was so nice to see how much we actually had developed during these workshops! And of course I have a vlog from this weekend for you so on Sunday you will get to see us dancing a bit 😉 Can’t wait, right?

Monday morning we had our last breakfast at hotel Helka (such a nice breakfast! Really breakfast heaven!) and left 11 am for Vaasa.

This weekend was amazing and right now I can’t wait for our next Salsa festival. A dream that we’ve actually been thinking about is joining a salsa festival in Croatia. Imagine that! *hearteyes*


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  1. 04/04/2018 / 22:06

    alltså den första bilden på dig, du är så himla vacker!!!! 😀

    • Sandra Holmäng
      05/04/2018 / 10:53

      Nämen tusen tack! 😀

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