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  • Renovation part 1

    Me and Jona have bought our first apartment! Four rooms and 99 square meters. We are going to renovate the whole thing!

    We moved in last of December so yes, we are living in chaos! 😀 But it is totally worth it and actually going better than I thought! But I have prepared myself mentally for this situation very well!

    Above you can see the picture of the living room! Down under is the old toilet and bathroom. This part we will take down and put the kitchen instead! So we’ll get an open space with living room and kitchen.

    The kitchen will become our bathroom! So we will have a bigger bathroom which I’m so excited for! Our previous bathroom felt like you were standing on the toilet showering. Haha!

    One of the rooms that will turn into our bedroom!

    This room will become walk in closet and home office!


    This is the first idea I had for the floor plan! But it has already changed! The room in the mittle of the three used to have a wall, we took it down and it will become our dining room!

    In the hallway we’ll take everything out and put closets throughout the whole side! So instead of the walk in you can see there right now we’ll have only closets!

    Harringbone floor in our bedroom!

    Ikea Pax closets coming up in our home office!

    Are you excited for part 2 in this renovation series? 

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