MY MARCH OUTFITS- Scandinavian style inspo

MY MARCH OUTFITS- Scandinavian style inspo


MY MARCH OUTFITS- Scandinavian style inspo

Hey guys! And welcome back to a new video on my channel! So this time I’m showing you the outfits that I will be wearing this month, or some of them I should say, haha.

My style motto a couple of years ago was that I never wanted to wear the same outfit twice. But today I feel like I want to think a bit more of our environment and don’t have that much clothes in my wardrobe as I used to have! So today I want to wear the same outfits a couple of times and instead put more effort on combining so it really is perfect and I really enjoy wearing it! And at the same time, I don’t have the same time today to think about what I’m wearing! As an entrepreneur with two companies to think of, I need to be more effective with my time! Anyways, hope you like this video! 🙂

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  1. Emilia
    20/03/2019 / 17:16

    Hej! Undrar vad du tycker om att blanda guld och silver när det gäller smycken? Vad säger du? 🙂

    • Sandra Holmäng
      20/03/2019 / 18:15

      Hej Emilia och tack för din fråga! 🙂 Det var en bra fråga som jag gärna skriver ett helt blogginlägg om ifall det är okej med dig? 🙂

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