• My January 2020

    What has been extra nice this month?

    It is always nice to start a new year! New year and new goals! Especially since I had the best December ever! I had almost 2 weeks of vacation which was amazing but getting back to work was even better, haha. January is a slow month when it comes to my Voga customers but that is just perfect! Then I can work at home, with things I did not have time for during Fall and I can plan my whole year and really think through the past one and what I want for the new year. So it has been a good month when it comes to work!

    What made you sad?

    I would not say that I’ve been sad, but I’ve had moments in which I felt so bored! Haha. No but seriously, bored to the point that I’ve been asking myself what the f am I doing with my life?! But I think it’s healthy to feel that sometimes.

    Something new regarding work?

    Nothing special in January but a lot of collaborations were set for the year so that I’m so excited for! And of course I made a long list of goals, haha. If you want to know more about them you can find two IGTV videos on my instagram regarding my goals.

    Are you extra proud of something you did this month?

    Haha I must say I’ve been more in self doubt than being proud of myself. As I said I’ve been bored and had a lot of time to think. No but of course I’m proud when I look back one year and I can see how much I have built. It’s CRAZY what I had last January and what I have now! So my work really has paid off and that I’m proud of! I’m also proud of how good a nourished my relationships last year  ♥

    Did you learn something new?

    Yes, to remind myself more often to be thankful for what I have! For Jona, family, friends but also smaller things like… a cup of tea. No but being thankful for getting to do what I love, the plants in our apartment. Just being more thankful overall and for the small things in my life!

    Have you been working out?

    Ooooh yes! I have never made myself any new years resolutions when it comes to my workouts but I think seeing all of those who did working in the gym has giving me extra energy (I mean the gym is filled with new people) and in january I had a lot of workouts! I would say 4-5 every week. Gym (I’m following the vshred program you know), body attack, body pump, zumba, our salsa course… I’m just loving working out so much right now (eeeh when don’t I? haha).



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