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  • My August 2021


    What was extra nice this month?

    Since July was more or less like a Summer vacation month for me I felt like August started fresh and with going back to routines and work. I started a new company with 3 other people 🙂 I had a lovely time with Johanna and Emilia at Emilia’s new Summer house.

    What made you sad?

    I know it shouldn’t but the weather! Normally August is the best Summer month in Finland but from 2nd of August it’s been cold, rainy and really felt like Fall. Which is super cosy, I love Fall, but now I’m scared the Fall will feel way too long when it started one month earlier than normal…

    Something new regarding work?

    Oh yes, new company! What we are creating is a holistic lifestyle and workout app! It’s so exciting and finally I get to work with my other big passion in life, health and training!

    Abut work, I was thinking about starting my Branding & Social Media- Work as an influencer and get paid workshops again! I did four of them in Spring and now it would be fun to do at least one this season! What do you think, interested?

    Those who have attended have been saying that these workshops are not only for influencers, but for everyone having anything to do with social media!

    Are you extra proud of something you did this month?

    Well this new baby of course! But also I reached 20 k on instagram which is huge for me. I’m so grateful to all my followers but also proud of myself, I know I have been working hard to get here!

    Did you learn something new?

    Every morning I’ve been watching an episode  from Framgångsakademin (yes it’s in Swedish), I’ve been focusing on personal development and I’m so happy with it!

    Have you been working out?

    If I have! I’ve been trying out the workouts that Mirella has created for our app, so for example a 6 week programme I did in 1,5 week, haha. So I’ve been living at the gym lately but you know I love that! I enjoy this motivation so much! But it’s easy when you only have to follow the programme! I’ve actually created a workout HIIT programme myself for this app, the name is Killer workout, HAHA. Me and Mirella tried it out and wow. You’re dead! Can’t wait for you uys to try it out!!


    When I’m writing this it’s one week til we get the kitchen!! Hopefully! Omg can’t wait! Imagine having a kitchen, haha. It feels like I don’t know anymore how it is to have a kitchen, or a bathroom. 8 months without that now…

    This part is in collaboration with Reviews International. Talking about our renovation! If you didn’t know I love Ellos Home.  And here’s a little tip for you, here you can find reviews about a lot of places, including Ellos, which is of course great when you are wondering about for example a webshop, what other people have experienced, and you can of course yourself let other know what you think.




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