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  • How to become a thrift shopping QUEEN/ second hand shopping expert!

    How to become a thrift shopping QUEEN/ second hand shopping expert!

    I’m happy that you guys have crowned me the thrift Queen, haha, and the other day my friend Sarah asked me to write down my best tips on how to become better at buying second hand. Here it is:

    – First I mostly buy second hand from stores that already have categorized all the clothes (which is of course even easier if you buy from online stores). It’s so much easier to go to the part with jeans if jeans are what you are looking for, than going to a place where everything is just mixed together and you have to go through it all!

    – I go prepared! I have on my phone written down things I would love to find. If I for example saw a nice coat on instagram, I write it down and it gets easier to focus on finding that same kind of looking coat.

    – I’m not going to lye! You do need the “eye” to see what might look pretty and how to style it to look fresh, BUT the good news is that you can train your eye! Follow other accounts that do lots of thrifting (me, hehe), get inspired by them and really analyze what they are buying. If they can find a black blazer or a striped shirt second hand, so can you! And the more pictures of clothes you see the more you will start noticing the same kind of looking things when you go thrifting! The more trained your eye is the faster you will start noticing and see potential in clothes that at first sight might not look as much!

    – Don’t look at the size! I have clothes from size 34-44, with an belt you can change the look of a dress or pants. If you are good at sewing you can make things smaller or even upcycle them. Or if it’s a good quality item you will wear for years you can definitely take it to a seamstress and make it fit perfectly/upcycle it.

    – Don’t forget the men’s section. Most of my thrifted clothes are from the men’s section, hehe.

    – And of course don’t fall for the “well it’s only this much” “it’s second hand” etc. Ask yourself, would I buy this even if it was new on full price?!

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