How did I start my blog and businesses?

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How did I start my blog and businesses? And how did I get to where I am today?


My blog and social media:

I think I started my blog in 2009, then because I loved the idea of doing something creative that’s just my own thing. Nobody will tell me to do this or that. It’s my style and things that I love and want to share. I also loved the idea of being able to inspire people! For example to dress better or have the kind of lifestyle that they want.

2015 I started getting some income from my blog, not much at all but I wanted to be right by me so I started my company, SandraEmilia, and hired a book keeper to be able to be serious about my business, so the companies that I work with will know that I’m serious!

But actually this year, 2018, is the year that I’m for real starting to have an income from my blog (still not much though but it helps a lot!) and that’s because this is the first year that I’m FOR REAL treating my blog and my social media channels as real work. For example one week ago I went down from 8 hours per week to 4 hours per week at Gina. Less money from there means that I’ll have to get money from somewhere else and it also gives me the time I need to get better at blogging. So now a lot of my time goes to getting better, taking online courses in blogging etc.

Also me and Julia are right now each others blog mentors, which is great! We’re really pushing each other to better results!


Voga Styling:

When I started my blog I felt like it was amazing to be able to help other people with their styles. And the dream to one day have a company where I could do that full time, started.

But I also had the dream to move to Stockholm and start a fashion career over there. And for years that was my plan! Go to Stockholm, live there a couple of years and then move back to Finland to start my own styling company.

But during my internship in Stockholm I felt like, naah, maybe Stockholm isn’t the kind of place I would love to live in. And when Robert during one of our business trips said to me that he really believes in the idea of a styling company in Ostrobotnia I started thinking more and more about just staying and starting my dream right away.

So I wrote a blog post about this because I wanted to hear other peoples thoughts and see what they think about my idea. Many of my readers said just do it it’s a great idea! But the best part was Heidi, then she was my class mate. She wrote to me and said that she has the same ideas and what if we would do this together?!

We had a meeting and then another meeting with Robert and there it all started! From that they on we’ve been working hard to get to where we are today! 


Today I work only 4 hours peer week at Gina Tricot here in Vaasa. Besides that I’m only working with my companies. It’s not that I’m getting a lot of money but at least it gives me what I need at the moment!




So how did I get here? 

I would say 4 things:

  • Since I started treating my blog as a job I also started getting paid for collaborations. What would you do at a “normal” job? There you have it! Give your blog as much time and effort and you will see results!
  • One thing that has been super important for VOGA is of course social media! Robert is taking care of that making sure we always have something going on on facebook  and instagram. And these channels are mostly the reasons why we get our customers. Be active!
  • Voga styling consists of three people. Of course that can be hard sometimes but mostly that’s why when we decide something, it’s something good! Because we are completely different persons with completely different ways of thinking!
  • One reason why I work hard is because I always find inspiration! Mostly through podcasts! So every day I somehow give myself the inspiration that I need to keep on going and this also makes me super innovative when it comes to both companies.

I wouldn’t say I’m successful yet, but I defenetely think these are some good keys if you want to have your own business!


sandraemilia, business, voga styling

Btw, find the thing that’s wrong in this picture, haha!




  1. 25/09/2018 / 18:33

    Så roligt att läsa! Du jobbar verkligen hårt, det märker man på hur kvalitén på dina bilder har utvecklats : ) och alltid positiv!! KRA;

    • Sandra Holmäng
      27/09/2018 / 06:46

      Tack! Åh men va roligt att det märks! 🙂 TACK! KRAM 🙂

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