• COME THRIFT SHOPPING WITH ME- Second hand shopping tips

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    COME THRIFT SHOPPING WITH ME- Second hand shopping tips

    Hey you! I’m so sorry there’s been a while since my last video! You know I try to publish one video every Sunday but unfortunately my Premier Pro programme has giving me hell and I couldn’t export this video until a couple of days ago when I finally figured out the problem!
    But here it is, and now we can continue this one video every Sunday (or sometimes Mondays if the week has been hectic).
    Anyways, this video is all about one of my favorite topics, thrift shopping! I love being trendy but nowadays I try to be more sustainable to the world and try to find as much as possible second hand. This is a topic you love me talking about on instagram and here is now finally a video with my best tips on thrift shopping! Hope you like it and as usual, if you love my videos, give it thumbs up! Many hugs and kisses to you!
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