• Branding & Social media Strategy Workshop

    Hi there! I realised that I have been talking a lot about my Branding & Social Media Strategy- Work as an Influencer and get paid Workshop on my Instagram but not once here on my blog!

    In September my friend sent me a question about Instagram and how to grow, she probably expected a short text message with some quick tips, but a fire started burning inside me and I told her hey, let’s take an online meeting and I’ll tell you everything I know! 

    Before the meeting I wrote down a four page long list with things I thought she should think about and from that day on we started with coaching sessions.

    My friend was so happy with the whole experience that she told me that I have to do something more with the material! More people need to know about this!

    Well, if you know me I don’t think too long about these things and it did not take long until I had my first workshop live, her at my office, in Vaasa!


    I have to say the first workshop was a success! 🙂 Of course I have a lot to improve and make better, but it was my first time and I realised that I love talking about these things and helping people!

    And now it is time again! My second workshop will be held Saturday 13th of February 12-16 here in Vaasa and in my office at Hello Hub.

    To get the info mail about this and to be able to attend the workshop please sign up here:


    I have started with doing these workshops live (in Swedish), but when I feel ready I will take this online and in English. So even though you can’t join live, sign up for later online workshops.


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