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    My favorite Dermosil products and some new ones to try!

    It’s time for some lovely beauty talk! Here are two old but gold Dermo favorites:

    • Cleansing Mousse– How long have I been using this one now? 1,5 year maybe? It really does it’s work and my skin always feels clean after using it. You know I struggle with hormonal acne (not so much anymore though) and this product is one of those who I could feel made a difference for my skin!
    • Micellair Water– I actually had forgotten about this product until we moved into our new apartment (you know the one with no running water yet, hehe). Since I don’t want to go to the toilet in the house too many times per day (it takes too much time! okey? haha) I started using this every morning. Well that really helped with my dry skin not to use water both in the morning and the evening.

    And what’s new?

    • Highlighting concealer– So I have already started using this product and it made me throw out my old one realising it was too bad. So I guess I like the new Highlighting concealer a lot more 😉
    • Brightening Eye Cream– Did you know that I don’t only use eye cream around my eyes? I actually sometimes also use it on the wrincle between the eyebrows (that I don’t have though), laughing lines and on the palms of my hands. This I do after I saw a video of someone showing the difference between her left and right hand… She was around 50 and she always put her eyecream on the left of her hand before applying it to her face. There was a remarkable difference between that area on her hand she does put eyecream on and the right hand where she never puts any. So yes, sometimes I use a bit of eyecream on my hands aswell! 😀
    • Fresh Glow Vitamin C Powder– Oh I am SO excited to try this one out!!! It is glowing like crazy already as it is so I believe I will start blending people with my glow after using it!!!

    What Dermosil products are you using at the moment?

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