BEAUTY SPECIAL- C/O Gerd, Dermosil & Mossa


So, this post will only be in English. Because of my work it’s hard for me to get the time to write in both Swedish and in English. And my goal with my blog at the moment is to get it more international. So from now on I actually think that days when I don’t have time to write in both languages, I will write only in English. But that of course depends on what you think about this, if it’s okay or not! 🙂

Alltså ännu på svenska snabbt, jag kommer nu när jag inte hinner skriva inlägg på både svenska och engelska att bara skriva på engelska. Men det beror förstås på er! Vill ni alltid ha svensk text så säg till! 🙂 Men eftersom jag vill bli mer internationell med denna blogg så kommer engelska bli mitt fokusspråk. Men självklart kommer jag försöka ha på båda språken! 


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So I thought I would post a big post about beauty products I’ve been trying out lately. 

First brand out is this Swedish brand called C/O GERD and we got to try out this Beauty Box at Hotel Havsvidden during our influencer trip to Aland. They really got my attention since they are eco certified and produced in Sweden. I don’t have a lot to say about them today, more then that they feels super nice on my skin, but I really want to get to know this brand a little bit more!

Especially the massage oils I would love to try out, hehe.


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sandraemilia, beauty products, dermosil, tip


As you might remember Dermosil gave us all a rescue kit before our trip to Aland. And as you also might remember I’ve been collaborating with them a couple of times, so yes, I really like their products! From our rescue kits I liked these products the most!

A SPF50 balm: You know I would never go into the sun without SPF! And this is nice to always have with you in your bag since it’s so small! I don’t know if you only should use it on your lips but I have actually, when I have forgotten to bring some other SPF, used it in my whole face, on my neck and hands. Better safe then sorry!

Hand cream: Well, I love all of Dermosils body creams and hand creams, so there’s actually nothing more to say, haha.

Makeup fix: So refreshing and I’ve been using it a lot since this trip! It really keeps your makeup better on place!


sandraemilia, beauty products, mossa, natural makeup beauty skin care


On the boat on our way to Aland and the influencer trip I bought this facial oil and eye cream from Mossa. A brand I had heard a lot about before. Also an eco certified company and OMG this oil! It’s amaaazing! I had such a bad skin during Summer and I don’t know if it’s thanks to this oil or something else but my skin is so much better! It really gives my dry skin what it needs! And it smells amazing!


Have you tried any of these products?


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