In paid collaboration with Dermosil

    1. The tinted brow gel. I LOOVE this! It’s easy to get those bushy nice brows that gives your face alomost like a face lift. It’s a bit tricky when you start using it but when you learn it’s amazing!
    2. Adorable volume dry schampoo. Yes, it gives you volume! At least if you like me have shorter hair. And it’s really good for blonde hair cause I always feel like it makes my roots a bit lighter as well. It’s perfect for traveling since the bottle is small and I guess it’s also more environment friendly when it’s not in a spray bottle?
    3. Schampoo bar. I’ve been waiting for Dermosil to come up with this idea, haha. It’s of course so much more sustainable than a regular big plastic shampoo bottle and in my hair it’s really effective! And of course, perfect for traveling!! It’s non fluent and it takes no place in your bag! So when can we start traveling again, I mean I have all these products perfect for that, haha.
    4. Lipstick in color retro. Yes, I know. It has been on my top lists for maybe 1,5 year now? But the color is soooo good and it’s sooo soft and nice on your lips. LOVE it!
    5. Matte bronzer duo. It comes in a paper box so once again Dermosil has started thinking more about being more sustaineble which I love! Since I got this product I’ve been using it daily! It’s so good and I love the color!
    6. Last but not least, the white bathrobe. Oh how I love it! And these pictures in it, haha.

    Haha and one behind the scene picture of the photographer!


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